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 Advertisements and Affiliation

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Naruto Genesis
The Conflict Unleashed
The Conflict Unleashed


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PostSubject: Advertisements and Affiliation   September 27th 2010, 4:13 pm

Everything you need to know about Advertisements and Affiliation on Naruto Genesis can be found here in this tutorial. This section of the forum welcomes ads and affiliation to the forum's of both members and guests, as long as the guidelines are met. Read below for more information.

1. One thing that we will never tolerate is advertising a forum/site with adult or illegal content. Such an ad may lead to an immediate and permanent ban from the forum. Also, any advertisement considered offensive and discriminatory to any member, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity etc. will be immediately removed, as well as anything that can be considered spam. Please keep it clean, folks. We take this very seriously.
2. Advertising via the Chatbox and Private Messages is prohibited. You can however talk about other forums, as long as you don't link to them. For example, you could say, "Hey, remember that rad mission we did on NL?" but not, "Join NL now @!!" I'm sure you get the point.
3. Please don't constantly bump and update your advertisement. This creates an unorganized clutter that we find annoying. Members can make as many comments giving feedback as they wish as long as it's constructive and not aggressive. You may post your updates every 2 days if the updates are significantly informative/relevant.
4. Don't post an advertisement that has already been posted by a different member. If someone else has posted an advertisement for your forum and you don't find it satisfactory, contact an Administrator with proof that you're the forum owner, and the Admin will delete it and give you the okay to make a new one.
5. If you post an advertisement here, we have the right to advertise on your forum. If your forum does not have a guest friendly advertisement area, then we require that you post our advertisement up. Failure to comply to this will lead to immediate removal of the advertisement you posted here.

1. For starters, it's recommended that you don't post up multiple advertisements for different forums that you own. This gives the impression that you couldn't possibly be active in all of them, and degrades their value. Of course, this isn't always the case.
2. Make your advertisement visually stimulating by including a miniature version of the forum banner, and any other graphical images you deem relevant.
3. Try to make your advertisement detailed, but not too detailed. Very short advertisements with little effort makes your forum look unprofessional, and often times people will not be willing to read it if it's too long. A few paragraphs of interesting information about your forum is all that's really needed.
4. Avoid having grammar and spelling errors in your advertisement. If people see a disorganized advertisement with such errors, you and your forum probably won't be taken seriously.
5. Above all else, obey the rules please!

Affiliating with us is fairly easy, all that we require is for you to fill out the template provided below and include it in an advertisement posted for your forum. We also require that you put up our affiliate button on your forum, which can be found HERE. Only post an affiliate button with a reasonable size, otherwise it won't be put up.
    [b]Link:[/b] The link to your forum.
    [b]Our Affilate Button Location:[/b] Where is our affiliate button located on your forum? We won't add until ours is up.
    [b]Your Affiliate Button:[/b] The link to your affiliate button. You don't need to include a code, we'll code it.

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Advertisements and Affiliation

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