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 Nukenin (Missing Ninja)

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Naruto Genesis
The Conflict Unleashed
The Conflict Unleashed


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PostSubject: Nukenin (Missing Ninja)   July 7th 2010, 3:40 am

The life of a Missing Ninja on Naruto Genesis is one much different than that of a regular village shinobi. The protections and securities of a village is something that no Missing knows. It's every man for himself, and in most cases, there are more enemies than friends. This life is hard, relentless, and only suitable for a true loner capable of taking care of themselves. This is how a Missing Ninja lives. Sound appealing?
    All Missing Ninja may start at S rank, with an application proving their worth. (Limited Time Only)
    All Missing Ninja may take residence at The Rain Village.
    All Missing Ninja are considered dangerous, and therefor feared and hunted down.
    All Missing Ninja must include how they became a Missing Ninja in their History.

The presence of Missing Ninja in the Naruto Genesis universe plays a rather large roll. So large, in fact, that they have begun to create their own professions, or occupations as Missing Ninja. These detailed professions of Missings have become so popular that they are now widely recognized among most of civilization. There are many, but the 3 main occupations have become so well known that they are the most recognized, and even considered their own rank within society, and have their own place in many bingo books. They are as follows:
    Freelance Assassin: These Missing Ninja are rather self explanatory. Their role in the world is considered that of a true neutral. In most cases, they are characters who care more about themselves and their own goals more than others or a bigger picture. They're not all necessarily bad people, they just do what they have to. Freelance Assassin's work for both the good and evil sides. They are not completely loyal to one, as they simply offer services to whichever is currently in need or is offering the biggest reward. Some have preferences to one or the other, but most of them are rather neutral indeed. These Missing Ninja, while used often, arent normally considered the strongest of the Missings because of how they work. Sort of like the lowest Missing rank, they're not often called upon for the bigger or more important tasks.

    Bounty Hunter: These Missing Ninja arent exactly as they sound. Rather than being head hunters of sorts, these characters do any and everything for the biggest reward. Whether it be an actual assassination, or some sort of task, they do whatever the money tells them to. Needless to say, they are used more often than not by the more criminal side of society, so therefor tend to be much more evil in that respect. These characters are often very self centered, as this occupation best suits someone only acting in their own interests. In most cases, they will easily defect if a higher price is offered by an enemy side. At the same time, though, some Bounty Hunters are good at heart, and just do what they do because they have no other choice. Most village shinobi and authority hold these characters with some disgust and use them as last resorts. These Missing Ninja are most often considered to be a middle rank of Missing Ninja, as they are the ones most often called on for the more important operations, and must be very capable accordingly.

    Blood Hound: This classification of Missing Ninja is rather new in the world, but their impact is already very noticeable. These characters are like an advanced form of Bounty Hunter, but only take on missions of a very specific kind. They specialize in taking out members of very gifted clans, such as Uchiha or Hyuuga. Some of them will specialize in a specific clan, learning every single weakness and fault of a particular clan, making them their worst nightmare, while others will be somewhat broad in their services. In most cases, these characters are some of the most sadistic and evil there is, being perfect for their job. They more tend to side heavily with that of evil and crime, but very few have been known to aid the side of good if the price is right. Unlike Bounty Hunters, however, these characters dont just do what their assigned for money. Sure, it takes some money to get them started, but their not likely to defect. These characters seem to have a kind of attraction to the clans they kill, in that they greatly enjoy combat with that clan. So in that respect, alot of their payment is in killing that clan member itself. These Missing Ninja are considered, at the moment, the most skilled out there in any well known rank. They are specialists, and guarantee success in whatever they're recruited for.

The mutual living area for most Missing Ninjas is the Village Hidden in the Rain, which is the only village that accepts their presence. Despite being a refuge of sorts for them, the village can really only suit a Missing accordingly, as the village itself is just as hostile as those that inhabit it. Most Missings are loners, while others form friendships, alliances, or even families with one another. Dont let this fool you, however, they are not a friendly bunch. Every Missing is a Missing for one reason or another, and to survive in the outside world they must be deadly. Let this be known well: These characters are very dangerous! Those that are brave enough to do anything more than keep to themselves in the unforgiving outside world only do so because they know they are powerful enough to do so. Needless to say, the life of a Missing Ninja, while harsh, can be very exciting...
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Nukenin (Missing Ninja)

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