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 The Rain Country

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Naruto Genesis
The Conflict Unleashed
The Conflict Unleashed


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PostSubject: The Rain Country   July 7th 2010, 3:38 am

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Akatsuki, or Red Moon, is an organization of extremely powerful rogue ninja. Little is known by the rest of the shinobi world of their intentions thus far, however being that they are former high ranking shinobi of villages, they are now high priority enemies of all villages. Their general location isn't much of a secret, but being in Rain Country, they live in an area the ninja from villages can't get to because the crime rate is so high, they're usually killed before they can even look for Akatsuki. It is unknown by the ninja world who is currently leading this group.

Akatsuki was created by the two leaders of Amegakure known as The Tachibana Brothers. Their reputation and fear in the ninja world skyrocketed when it was reported that they had killed the third Raikage at the young ages of 12 and 10. This led to the infamous genocide of the Rain Country ordered by the Five Great Ninja Nations. They were assumed dead for years, until rumor struck out that they were rebuilding their village, and that it would be welcome to any rogue ninja looking for a place to stay, which consequently led to many of the great nation's forces leaving and moving to the Rain Country for more freedom. This made the Kages extremely nervous, and they decided they were going to have to take out the Tachibana brothers before their strength grew any further.

The Kages sent fifty-thousand strong to the newly rebuilt Amegakure. They wanted to be cautious, because rumors also informed them that elder brother Kurado Tachibana's power had especially grown, having already manifested the Rinnegan and having stolen the Kyuubi from it's Konoha host. Daraku Tachibana was also known for having powerful yet mysterious abilities, and together they could easily kill loads of top ninja, but the Kages were confident in their numbers, greatly underestimating their enemy.

Once the forces reached Amegakure, they were immediately defeated by falling into a trap seal, and killed by Kurado. The Tachibana brothers had anticipated the attack, in fact, they hoped for it. Kurado had been developing his use of "Edo Tensei". He would revive the very people he killed, and use them as mere puppets. Since several Kages of Minor villages were present during the attempted attack on Amegakure, they became very powerful weapons for Akatsuki. But the great nations wouldn't stop there. Realizing that sending in masses of ninja would just lead to their deaths, the five kages themselves headed for Amegakure to fight the Tachibana brothers face to face.

The Kages found the Tachibana's waiting for them upon their arrival. Kurado and Daraku were both very confident in coming out victorious, and were looking forward to the challenge of fighting all Five Great Kages at the same time. The battle was like no other, as the power of both sides were off the charts. Unfortunately, the brothers were facing defeat. The Kages came together with a combination jutsu of the five elements, causing huge craters in the ground. Even though their bodies were never found, the Kages figured there was absolutely no way they could have survived, so for the second time the brothers were assumed dead, and they were half right. Daraku was killed by the technique, but then immediately revived by Kurado using Edo Tensei. Two years have passed. The brothers still live in Amegakure, building their forces and power behind the shadows unknown to the great nations.

The Akatsuki Organization is extremely important on Naruto Genesis as they are the main antagonists involving the plot. Akatsuki members are often given dangerous missions such as attacking/infiltrating villages or capturing Jinchuuriki/Kages, such missions have a good possibility of death. If you don't have the up-most confidence in your Roleplaying abilities, it isn't recommended that you register for this organization. Also, as an Akatsuki member, you won't be able to just go anywhere and roleplay with who you want, as being spotted and identified at any village would lead to your immediate attack.
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The Rain Country

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