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 Naruto Genesis: The Conflict Unleashed

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Naruto Genesis
The Conflict Unleashed
The Conflict Unleashed


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PostSubject: Naruto Genesis: The Conflict Unleashed   July 4th 2010, 2:00 am

There was a time when the Five Great Nations were feared by all. A time where between them they held the balance of power and could shake the foundations of the world or demand anything from it at any moment. But, after a century of relative peace and stability the world has begun to change, and with peace and stability came complacency. After the Fourth Great War known as the “Battle of Demons” the Five Great Nations sat down together and decided on mutual peace and stability between their boarders. Each was allocated the power of a Bijuu as a sign of peace and comradery amongst nations. Working as a collective, they would be able to keep and maintain peace throughout the world. Nations economies were thriving and the trading between them was better than ever. But when the threat of the Tachibana Brother rose once again the nations reacted with a full frontal assault trying to make-up for their complacent past on such matters. But, when the assault ended in failure the kages went and settled the deal themselves. A fierce battle raged on and the kages, thinking that they had defeated the brothers who reined over the Rain Country, returned as victorious.

For just over three years the presence of evil had died down and the balance of the world had seemingly been restored once again. But little did they know that the Tachibana Brothers had created a legacy that no one had predicted. Their goals and ideals would live on within other vessels who had sworn their whole-hearted allegiance to the brothers before they died. Slowly but surely crime started to increase all over the world. Cargo between nations were being intercepted, Royal family members kidnapped for ransome, countless ninja killed. Terror and angst around the world was boiling over and people were frightened to leave their own homes, let alone their towns and villages. So the Diamyou's of the Great Nations came together with their respective kages to sort this ever increasing and terrifying issue. But through countless hours of deliberation only arguing ensued. They could never find the majority between nations to take any dominant stance of the issues, as each held their cards close to their chest and could not forgive past wrongs. Bickering turned into insults, and insults into threats. Not before long a war had waged between the Five Great Nations once again to resolve their issues once and for all.


The world of Naruto Genesis takes place while this war is the in peak of its existence. But not from the perspective of the Five Great Nations but five other nations that are caught in between and bordering these great forces. The great nations who have no regard for any life other than their own battle and scar the land in between their own, trying to gain necessary territory to gain any advantage they can. The lands of Rain, River, Jungle, Frost and Sun which all boarder each other lie between these great nations as they struggle to gain control. Trapped in a "Middle Earth" situation these nations do all they can to survive, squeeze every resource they can, and exploit any advantage they might have obtained. With most bijuu and jinchuuriki going 'awol' before and during the war, having the power of a bijuu within a nation is seen as an important symbol for the power struggle in the ninja world, increasing the military potential of that country ten-fold. With danger at every side even the missing-ninja of the world have taken refuge to hide their presence in the strictly bordered Rain Country. Though these nations will not back down without a fight, forced into survivalists leaders will do all they can to protect their own. The world was becoming a volatile place where deals and promises were made and broken in the shadows, and only the strongest will survived. With the chance of allies and enemies. War and Peace. Protection and Deception. The Naruto Genesis world has it all! Who said the underdog couldn't win?

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Naruto Genesis: The Conflict Unleashed

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