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 The Frost Country

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Naruto Genesis
The Conflict Unleashed
The Conflict Unleashed


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PostSubject: The Frost Country   January 19th 2011, 8:42 am

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Welcome to the Frost Country, the home of the Village Hidden in the Glacier. Most of the people live in the village, because of the harsh climate and dangerous ecosystem. Some, however, love everything the Frost Country have to offer. The ice fields can be rather beautiful, but the battlegrounds of the past often mar the serenity of the white expanses. The most common elements of the village are water, wind, and lightning. While earth and fire are not absent, they are slightly more rare. The ninja in the village also share some common interests, making the most common specialties of the village, weaponry (typically swordsman) and genjutsu. Have fun, but be loyal to the Frost Country and visit the hot springs when you travel!

    Openings: 1 A ranked Jounin, 1 Chuunin, 6 Genin


The culture of the Frost Country has a variety of different elements. These elements are parts of the whole that results in the Frost Country being a centralized, well organized, but rather strict country. The first of these elements is the Monarchical government headed by the King and Queen of the Frost. This royal bloodline has been in power for many years and the current throne holder takes the place of Kage of the village. They rule rather harshly some times, but for the sake of the village it must be done.

Along with the discipline that the Monarchy provides, even more is provided by the patron god of the Country. While the other Shinto gods are important. Susano'o holds a special place for the citizens. Living on a peninsula frequented by icy storms, the god of storms has proven to be a very important part of the culture of the area. There is a large temple to Susano'o erected in the village for all citizens and a special shrine located in the palace itself.

Despite the village and climate itself being very strict, the people of the Frost Country have come to love the place they live and all the people that make this harsh place their home. The monarchy is very popular with most of the citizens, even more so with the current Queen. The citizens have a strong connection with each other, love that goes past the petty differences that cause problems in the larger and more populated communities of the major countries. Because of this connection, most people in the village are very compassionate and help anyone in need from the village.

The economy is rather simple. Due to the country being as harsh as it is, most of the economic stimulation comes from precious minerals found in the ground or, as seen most of the time, from the sea, another reason to make Susano'o the patron god of the country. Fish and other sea fearing customs are shipped either by cargo train, protected when shinobi are available, or over the seas themselves by ship.



The history of the Frost Country began when people from the nearby Lightning Country. These ancient people formed the cradle of civilization that grew into what the Frost is today. The noble Hayashi clan from the Lightning and the Yuki Clan that originally inhabited the area were among the original founders of the country. These clans formed the backbone of society, eventually intermingling as one clan with two different branches, the royal branch, and the guard branch, which became the higher ranked ninja force.

For a period of time, the Frost Country was a peaceful place. Though the climate is mostly inhospitable, even more so during the winter months, the people persevered, becoming a rather stable and powerful country among the smaller nations. But as all good things, these times could not last. The small skirmishes that were once occurring rarely in the borders of the Frost became more and more commonplace until war was finally declared between the nations. Major battles started erupting across all of the small boarder countries.

The land of Frost was scarred and destroyed, but the Village Hidden in the Glacier survived, protected by the loyal ninja and the environment itself. The monarchy proved that, though rather oppressive at times, the power was needed to survive such times. This power remains in control of the village since the founding so long ago, a testament to the longevity of good rulers. In this time of need, the Frost Country remains strong, hidden in the frozen mountains.


The Village Hidden in the Glacier is one of the main villages in the storyline of Naruto Genesis. Any new member can take a spot as any rank that is still open and create a new ninja to fight under the Frost Country's name.
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The Frost Country

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